About Us

SIIF is a Unimelb student society which generates investment returns from donated capital and distributes 100% of profits to local and impactful charities. 

Our mission is to inspire the next generation of leaders in finance to integrate altruism and generosity into their careers.

Since starting this year, SIIF is proud to have secured a $1,000 donation to FoodBank from just $20,000 FUM. 

About the team:

  • Investment Analyst Team: The Analyst Team is a great opportunity to build your equity research skillset. Each semester Analysts produce two Investment Reports. These reports are paramount to the decisions made in SIIF’s portfolio, as no decision is made outside of the scope of the independent research of our Investment Analysts. Additionally, the Analyst Team receives professional insights from workshops run by our founding sponsor River Capital.
  • SIIF Committee: The committee focuses on facilitating engagement between the society, members and partner charities. It is a great opportunity to develop your organisational and leadership skills. A committee role enables you to help plan events, maintain relations with stakeholders and contribute to the continual growth of the society.

Email us at info@siif.com.au to get involved!